Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things That Go / Transportation Themed Party

We recently celebrated my oldest son turning 3. I can't believe I have a 3 year old. Time really flies by,  especially when you have young children at home! Anyone know how to make it stop? Landon has been such a joy. He is such a happy boy, loves being outside, surprises me with his bravery, treats me to hugs and kisses out of the blue, shows interest in so many things, loves music and dancing, has the best belly laugh and makes me the proudest mama. I could truly go on and on, but I'll stop there for now. :)

He has been SO into trains, airplanes, car, trucks… pretty much any moving thing, so it took no time at all to decide on a theme for his third birthday party. This year, we decided to simplify things a bit, by just inviting Landon's closest little buddies. When hosting events, I tend to want to invite everyone we know, so this time I "reeled it in" and kept it small - ish. ;) Simple decorations, easy food and people to enjoy it with: perfect. We had a great time! 

Here are some pictures from the day, as well as info on the decor. 

For the backdrop, I used simple white paper rosette's and attached various transportation vehicles. These came from a gift bag I found, so I cut the shapes out and glued them on! Worked great.

Happy Birthday Banner by Lolo's Boutique

Cupcake wrappers by Love Meet Design

Food Tent Label by Lolo's Boutique

I tried my hand at making decorative sugar cookies for the first time. They took FOREVER to make, but tasted yummy! :) They were a hit at the party, so they were worth it. Hopefully I'll get faster with more practice! Right? … 

Transportation theme sticks by Lady Bug Karla

Transportation theme sticks by Lady Bug Karla

Airplane Party Favor Boxes by KT Blue Creations

Pin the Propeller on the Place game (made by me)

Paper propellers for the game, with each child's name on the front

Monogram Letter "L" by Tea Cup of Blessings

Cupcake toppers made by me, using scrapbook paper, 
2 inch circle punch & stickers from MAU Goodies

Stoplight fruit display
Food tent label by Lolo's Boutique

2 of Landon's buddies playing the stoplight game

The birthday boy opening his gifts! 

Airplane Party Favor Box by KT Blue Creations

Transportation Theme Stickers by MAU Goodies

Each party favor box contained some stickers and a number 3 cookie (made by me). 
We also gave prizes to each child after playing a few games.

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