Saturday, September 13, 2014

30th Birthday Bash

In August, my husband turned the big 3-0. The plan was to have a big shindig in the park. Lots of room for kids to run around and play, and open areas for the adults to mingle. Well, plans quickly changed when the rain came. So, I quickly called everyone on the list and made plans to squeeze almost 40 people in my house. Thankfully, my in-laws were visiting from CA, and my mom was there to help, because I couldn't have done it on my own! We all got busy working on different tasks to make it happen at the house.

We had to run out and get more gas for our bbq, because cooking meat for that many people was supposed to happen at the park, not on our one small grill. We had a bunch of food items already prepped from Costco, so that part wasn't stressful. Thankfully, we had several hours to clean up, prepare the food, frost cupcakes and for me to figure out the decor.

It all worked out, despite the last minute change of location. Although we don't have a landscaped backyard yet, people made the most of it and spent much of the time chatting outside. We had two corn hole games set up, so that kept people entertained as well. Food + drinks + games = easy entertainment.

Since the party was originally going to be at a park, I hadn't planned on doing much for the decor. I wanted to keep it simple and masculine, because let's be honest… the decor is more for me, not my hubby. He could care less. :)

I love being able to make use of things I've used at past parties, so for this one, I incorporated the tree stumps and cupcake wrappers you may have recognized from the Rustic/Vintage Bridal Shower I hosted last year.

The tree stumps are from Church House Woodworks
The cupcake wrappers are from Olivia's Paper Shoppe

Custom Sugar Cookies by RP Confections

I made the cake pops. 

I had a lot of fun with these simple decorations. The tree slices are from 
World Market. I wrapped large beer bottles with jute and added the "wheat 
grass", which I found at Hobby Lobby. Perfect for my man who loves beer. :)

The birthday guy is on the left, wearing a fun shirt from Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life. My picture doesn't quite do it justice, so here's a closer look (photo courtesy of Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life).

My mom happened to have this vintage basin, so I used it to keep the beer chilled. 
Beer Here printable sign by Marigold Mom Shop

"Hoppy 30th Birthday" printable banner also by Marigold Mom Shop

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