Thursday, August 28, 2014

Product Spotlight: HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Do you ever see a new baby item come to the market and think, "Where was this when I had a newborn!?". Happens to me all the time. I love seeing the newest baby gear items, and today I decided to write about one I think is worth mentioning for new mommies and daddies! Anything that makes a new mommy's life easier is worth sharing, right!?

I was already a fan of Halo products, especially because both my boys have been major swaddle lovers. When I heard about their newest product, I have to admit, I was a bit upset I didn't have it when my kids were infants. It would have made my life so much easier!

The Bassinest Swivel Sleeper by Halo is AWESOME. I've done a lot of research on baby bassinets and co-sleepers, as well as have tried several for myself. None have come close to the functionality of the Bassinest. The dual-swivel design makes it so easy to bring baby closer to mom in bed. As any mom recovering from delivery knows, you want to be able to have close access to your baby 24/7, without having to get up and down a million times a day, or worse, scoot to the bottom of your bed at night for those very frequent feedings.

I love the fact that the Bassinest can literally be turned with one hand to allow mom to get in and out of bed easily, and then brought back closer to her once she's in bed again, so baby can sleep as close as mom wants. I'm a huge fan of sleeping close to baby in the first couple months, so this truly seems like a dream for any mom. The height can be adjusted to match your bed, so it's pretty much a "one size fits all" deal.

Possibly one of the best features, is the side of the Bassinest being flexible enough to come down when lifting baby out, and putting baby back in. It bends down with it's soft, but protective structure. It's also nice because the sides have mesh fabric, allowing mom and baby to see each other. When baby just needs a rub on the belly, mom can just reach her arm in, and the side will flex down, allowing close touch, without having to lift baby out each time.

You don't have to believe me just from reading this; check out the video so you can see the features for yourself  here

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