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Building the Ultimate Diaper Bag : Newborn Addition

I'm so excited to get this post up! I've been wanting to do a "what's in my bag" post of some kind for a while now, and what better time than when I have a newborn again and am packing stuff up on a daily basis!? :) Seeing as how I have quite a few friends who have recently had babies as well, it gives me the opportunity to share ideas of what other mommies might like to have in their diaper bags.

Whether you're a first time mom, or a mom of several, it's fun to see what items other moms choose to carry. Below you will see items that are considered diaper bag "essentials", as well as some items that are just fun additions that make toting around a wee one a little more helpful.

What items would you add to this list? Feel free to share in the comments section!

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This adorable chevron diaper bag is from CandisCreations2010 on Etsy. She does custom work, so contact her if you have something specific in mind. This bag is very roomy, with 4 interior pockets, 2 outer side pockets and a velcro pocket on the front. It also comes with a matching wipes case. I definitely have plenty of room for everything I need! I love that it has a zipper closure too. Use code SHIPFREE at checkout for free shipping until the end of May! 

 Reusable Snack Bags by Lunitouti

I love these reusable snack bags! There are so many cute prints in Marielle's shop! I love that you can also use these for small items you don't want floating around loose in your diaper bag. Since my newborn won't be eating snacks for a while, I can use this for my older son. I currently use it to carry items I transfer to and from my purse and diaper bag (i.e. chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc). 

Silicone Nursing/Teething Necklace by My Natural Baby AU

I wish I had gotten a necklace like this with my firstborn. They're great for several reasons: 
bright colors engage babies and hopefully keep them from pulling away at every little distraction, gives their little hands something to grasp (instead of pinching your skin) and gives them something safe to chew on when teething. It's nice to have something that serves multiple purposes. These would make a great gift, and are also nice for family members to wear when caring for your teething child. 

Cloth Wipes by Dotte Bolle

These cloth wipes are made from 100% cotton flannel and are extremely soft. They're great for sensitive bums and soft enough to use on the face for wiping away any gunk. I love keeping a handful in my diaper bag. They also fit perfectly in a wipes warmer when folded in half, if you choose to use cloth wipes instead of disposable. 

Reusable Nursing Pads by My Sunshine Designs

These reusable nursing pads are so soft! They're made with several layers (flannel, fleece and cotton), for ultimate absorbency, and are machine washable. You can buy these in a bundle on Chantel's shop page, or in individual packages. 
* If you prefer disposable nursing pads, I also use the Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

Travel Changing Pad by Little Kay Designs

If your diaper bag doesn't come with a changing pad, it's so nice to have one. You don't want to be stuck in a public area without something sanitary to change your sweet baby on! This travel changing pad is small and lightweight, so it's perfect to keep in your diaper bag or purse. The fabric is made of 100% cotton, and there are plenty of prints to choose from in this shop. The underside is made of PUL fabric, which makes it easy to wipe away any mess and keep clean. 

Natural Mama Care Kit by Etz Adin

I love this kit! The products are made in Israel and are all natural. Such a great gift idea and perfect for keeping in your diaper bag. Included in this particular kit are: 
Natural Diaper Cream: a moisturizing cream that soothes and heals baby's bottom (cloth diaper safe) 
Natural Soothing Salve: a versatile salve that can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments, including bug bites, scratches and diaper rash
Natural Baby Lotion: rich moisturizing lotion with a subtle citrus scent 
Natural Nipple Butter: a natural solution for a nursing mama 
Natural Lip Balm: soothes and protects your lips. I LOVE this lip balm. Makes my lips so soft! 

 Bandana Bibs by Gugu Berry

How cute are these bandana bibs!? The prints available in this shop are so adorable, I don't know how you could choose just one! Not only are they practical for catching spit up and drool, but you can coordinate them with outfits too, so naturally… your baby will be a trend setter sporting one of these. ;) 
The fabric is made of 100% cotton, and the back side is made of minky material, which is super soft against baby's delicate skin. It also makes it nice and absorbent for the droolers. ;) 

Photo courtesy of Lilacs and Lollipops 

Nursing Cover by Lilacs Lollipops

I love this neutral nursing cover! It's lightweight and made of 100% cotton. I love the overall clip closure, as opposed to the typical metal closures you see on most nursing covers. The clip keeps it in place and prevents it from coming undone. The strap can be adjusted to fit however needed. I love the rigid neckline, as it allows me to look directly at my baby without having to pull the fabric away from my chest each time. This shop provides a wide variety prints to choose from, so check them out and choose your favorite! 

Lovey Blanket by Jamela Pos

 I love the idea of babies having a blanket or lovey they're attached to for comfort. It's nice to have something they're used to, to bring along with you wherever you go, and this lovey blanket is the perfect size. It folds nicely and I can store it easily in my diaper bag, or drape it over baby in his car seat. It's extremely soft, and has bright colors and fun prints for him to look at. 

Leggings by Little Bow and Arrow

It's so important to pack a few extra outfits in your diaper bag. You never know when your baby might have a major accident (a.k.a. blow out or puke out) and you'll wish you had several extra outfits to go to if needed. 

I am in love with these leggings! I could break the bank on baby leggings, especially from the two shops I'm listing in this post. They have plenty of cute prints to choose from, which makes it SO hard for an indecisive person like myself! So… just buy several pairs and spare yourself having to choose just one. :) These leggings are unique in that Alison hand draws each design and has them printed with eco friendly water based inks. They're all made with 100% organic cotton jersey fabric. 

Here's my little guy Greyson wearing a pair, along with one of the adorable bandana 
bibs I mentioned above. Now I just need to get him some moccasins and he'll be set! ;) 

Knot Hat & Leggings by Sassy Stork

This hat and leggings set made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it. The feathered chevron print is so cute and neutral, it makes it a great set to pair pretty much any onesie with! It's made from organic fabric and is nice and soft for baby's skin. Can't wait to see my little man in this outfit! If you're going to have outfits on standby in your diaper bag, why not make them as adorable as this one!?

Teething Ring/ CrinkleToy by Monkey Feet Shop

I always toss a few toys in my diaper bag, but these two toys are great for babies. This teething toy is great for playing with, as well as for chewing on. It's covered with organic knit fabric and backed with organic bamboo. It has a crinkle material inside, which will hold baby's interest. The maple teething ring is finished with all-natural beeswax and olive oil, so it's completely safe for baby's teeth to chomp on. 

Organic Block Toy by The Bird and Elephant

This baby block toy is great for little fingers as they learn to grasp. The tags are an added bonus for color and holding onto. It contains a wooden teething ring on one side as well, so it can also be used to for a teething baby to chew on. All the material is organic. I love the different prints! This shop has several other block toys in various prints, as well as other items that are perfect for moms with babies and for gift giving! 

Chevron Pacifier Clip by The Swinky Binky

This pacifier clip can be used with any brand pacifier, which I love. I love this grey and white chevron print , but it's also fun to get these in other colors. This shop offers a wide variety, so you're not limited on options! 

Infant Mittens by Made by Babycakes

I keep a pair of infant mittens in my diaper bag for the early days, because those tiny newborn fingernails grow SO fast! If I don't have clippers with me, or forget to trim my baby's nails, these are great to have on hand so he doesn't scratch his sweet little face. I also live in Oregon, where it's chilly till at least May, so it's nice to have a little added warmth to offer as well. These mittens are made from jersey knit fabric and lined with minky-soft fabric. The band is stretchy, which helps keep them on baby's wrists, without having irritating elastic.

Hand Sanitizer & Bug Spray by LM Organics (formerly Lil Monsties)

Hand sanitizer is a MUST in any diaper bag! I wanted something all natural and safe to use on both my hands and my kids' hands. This alcohol-free hand sanitizer and bug spray are made of 100% organic ingredients. So nice to have these in the diaper bag and ready to use! This shop is undergoing some exciting changes, and are in the middle of rebranding their product line, to include more than just products for babies and kids. 

Bamboo Swaddle Blanket by West Coast Baby 

No diaper bag is complete without a great swaddling blanket, and the team at West Coast Baby knows how to make a great one. I want one in every color!!! My little guy dozes right off when he's wrapped snugly in this blanket, and I carry it with me at all times. It's made with stretchy bamboo jersey material that's so soft you'll wish you could get an adult size too. :)  

Planet Wise Wet Bag from Amazon or

Whether you cloth diaper or not, I think having a wet bag is a great thing to keep in your diaper bag. It comes in so handy when you need a place to keep dirty clothes or used diapers so they don't stink everything up. These bags do a great job of containing smells, and they're easily washable. I have an extra large one in my nursery for my cloth diapers, and then I use this medium size one when I'm on the go. 

One of my very favorite baby items is this Solly Wrap! I love babywearing, and this wrap makes my life so much easier! It keeps my sweet boy close to me, while also allowing me to have both hands free so I can get things done around the house and play more easily with my active toddler. It's made of bamboo and is extremely soft and lightweight. I seriously want one in every.single.color. Order yours soon because they're currently on back order in most colors (because they are THAT awesome). :) 

Other Mentionables: 

Burp clothsAden + Anais Burpy Bib
- These are so absorbent and soft! They're the perfect size, and I love the contoured shape (drapes perfectly over the shoulder and stays put!). They also double as a bib, with a snap in the back. 

Pacifiers: My son uses the MAM Newborn Pacifiers. They're small and easy for him to keep in his mouth. 

Sunscreen: Babies aren't supposed to wear sunscreen until at least 6 months of age. This is because most sunscreens contain chemicals that can be too harsh for such delicate skin. Also, since babies frequently stick their hands and feet in their mouths, it could potentially be bad for them. For this reason, I carry around a small container of coconut oil. Coconut oil, among it's many other amazing benefits, can be used as a natural sunscreen. Now…. don't go using it as an adult, thinking it's equivalent to SPF 50 or anything… but it's a great, natural option for a baby's sensitive/delicate skin if you're going to be at the park for a bit, or go on a walk. There are many alternatives for natural sunscreen. Shops like Momma B Naturals offer a few options. 

Diapers & Wipes: We use Huggies brand for disposables, and Sunbaby brand for our cloth diapers.

Thanks for checking out this fun post! I love seeing what other mamas carry in their diaper bags, so fill me in on what your must-have items are! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram and be watching for some fun giveaways coming up!! 

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  1. I also use the Ezt Adin products and swear by them. My quality of life would be much lower without these products on the market, and in my hand bag, baby bag, bathroom, kitchen...