Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks 

Total weight gain:   24 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Thankfully, I found 2 tops at Target this week, and one sweater to go over tank tops at TJ Maxx. Needed a couple more things to get me through the next couple weeks of this pregnancy. 
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Still waking up at least once during the night to use the bathroom, and sometimes I have a hard time falling back asleep right away. I hate laying in bed for 90 min. + trying to fall back asleep. Really going to make an effort to get in a few naps over the next week or two, since I know my body could use it. Always hard for me to not take that time to do other things, but sleep is more important right now (trying to remind myself of that).

Pregnancy symptoms: Still experiencing pretty severe abdominal pain. It feels like something is tearing every time I take a step. Not fun. Nothing I can do about it except use a hot pad or take a warm bath to try to relax my muscles, but nothing much is bringing relief, except when I sit still and do nothing... which doesn't end up working out most of the time. Dealing with it and keeping my eye on the prize. Holding my sweet baby boy will make it all more than worth it.

Best moment of this week: Some dear friends of mine threw me a shower on Sunday. I was so blessed by everyone who came. I feel so lucky to have so many great friends in my life, and I'm so appreciate of their thoughtfulness in celebrating Greyson's upcoming arrival with me. 
Movement: Mr. Squirmy Pants is shaking his stuff. :) He's been seeing how far his little bubble can stretch apparently. It's crazy to watch my belly shift and see him move all around. Taylor and I get a kick out of it. 
Belly button in or out:  Poking out a bit, but still not a lot. 
Wedding rings on or off: On


- I had some maternity pictures taken on Wed. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turned out. I didn't feel great, and it was windy and cold, but I think the photographer captured a few good ones at least! :) Here's one she got that I love. Fun to have an artsy one.  

Bump Picture

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