Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

How far along: 34 weeks 

Total weight gain:   22 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: I was able to find 2 tops, but still need a few more. Maternity clothes are scarce in the town I live in, so there aren't too many options or much of a selection at all. Just need to make do with a few more things to get me through these next 6 weeks!
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: What's that? :/ Sleep and I are not on good terms right now. I'm exhausted and waking up multiple times a night. Struggling to get comfortable doesn't help. Hopefully I can add in a few more naps to compensate! 

Pregnancy symptoms: My back and sciatic pain have been bad this past week. I've been stretching, but it's not bringing enough relief. 
Best moment of this week: My mother-in-law came to help me for a few days this week, and we got SO much done! I had written a long "to do before Greyson arrives" list, and we got everything done! I'm feeling so relieved and grateful for the extra hands! I wouldn't have been able to get it all done in time without her.

Movement: Still a very active little guy. Enjoying his movements as much as I can, while I can. I'll miss that feeling a lot. 
Belly button in or out:  Popping out a bit more now. 
Wedding rings on or off: On.

Notes/Update: Last Thurs. and Fri. were spent in the hospital. I had my third round of kidney stones. :/ They're AWFUL. While I only passed a couple tiny stones, I still have a large one to endure at some point. Thankfully, they were able to get my pain managed and it hasn't come back, so I'm praying I can just hold off on any further kidney-related pain until after Greyson is safely out my womb. There are more options available to me once I'm no longer pregnant, and then hopefully I can rid my body of any remaining stones! They're so painful and it's terrible being pregnant and having them. Thankfully, they monitored Grey much of the time, and he was doing great. Strong heartbeat, and even after I had a a few pain meds in my system, he kept moving as much as normal. I was worried he would be in distress with how tense I was from the pain, but he's a trooper and did just fine. My potassium levels went critically low, so I had to stay an extra night. They said with the increased fluids, they flushed out my body's normal potassium amounts, so they had to give me IV fluids and extra potassium to bring it back up to normal. Ugh - it was a mess. After also being told my magnesium levels went down and I'm anemic, they finally let me go home to manage my diet and bring those things up on my own. It was SO nice to be back in my own bed and with my sweet Landon. I missed him so much from being gone 2 full days. Thankful my mom was here to stay with him so Taylor could be with me.

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