Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Pregnancy: 32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks 

Total weight gain:  20 lbs. (wondering at what point I stop sharing this on the blog!? Lol. Oh well.... a pound a week, can't complain too much. 
Maternity clothes: I've hardly purchased any, but I've grown enough over the last couple months that I desperately need a few more things to get me through the rest of this pregnancy! I'm mainly in need of tops, since my once-loose pre-pregnancy tops have been stretched to their limits. I've pretty much just stuck with leggings and the 2 pairs of maternity pants I purchased several weeks ago. They'll last me the rest of my pregnancy, so I'm really not eager to spend money on more pants I won't wear ever again. Tops however, those are a must at this point. :) Just a small handful I can switch between should do it! Ross and TJ Maxx, I'm coming for you! :) 
Stretch marks: Still none. Yay! 
Sleep: Decent. Not great, not awful. I woke up 3 different nights this past week with a leg/calf cramp. OUCH! Hoping those don't become a regular thing. Super painful. 
Pregnancy symptoms: Besides the few leg cramps, I've had a bit more back and sciatic pain this week. It's not awful, but I've started my stretches again, which help quite a bit. Nothing else bugging me currently! 

Best moment of this week: I didn't have one "best" moment, but my brother just spent the last several weeks visiting, which was really nice. It was so nice to spend time together as a family. Hoping he can come back shortly after Greyson's born. 
Movement: Lots of it! He's not slowing down anytime soon from the feel of it! :)  
Belly button in or out: "Even" with the rest of my belly, for the most part. The bottom half is still slightly in, haha. 
Wedding rings on or off: On. 
Mood: Feeling productive. Lots to do, but taking it one day a time. Trying to pace myself and not get overwhelmed! :)

Upcoming appointments/events: I have an ultrasound tomorrow and can hardly wait to see my little guy! He'll be so much bigger than when we saw him last, so it will be so fun to get a better look at his face and features. 

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