Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks 

Total weight gain:  15 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: A must. Sticking with the items I've found so far. Simple, comfortable and totally affordable. :) 

Stretch marks: None. Trying to stay diligent with coconut oil. I can feel my skin starting to stretch more, so I want to take care of it! I think genetics are working in my favor in this one area. My mom's side didn't get stretch marks when pregnant, and since I didn't get any with Landon,  I'm hoping the same will be true this time around! :) 
Sleep: Now that I don't have that awful cold and cough anymore, I'm sleeping much better. Finally! It was a brutal 2 weeks. So glad for some much needed sound sleep.  
Pregnancy symptoms: I'm feeling really well for the most part. I'm noticing some back pain here and there, and I'm getting tired and out of breath faster. I can just tell my body is "slowing down" as this little guy grows and as my stomach continues to get bigger. I can't slow down yet though. Too much to do! 
Movement: Greyson is moving like crazy this week! I can feel him all throughout the day, and then he's even more active at night before I go to bed. Since he's growing, I can feel him SO easily. I'm not uncomfortable at this point, and hoping that even though he'll start to bump and stretch my insides more and more, he won't lodge a foot in my ribs or anything. Landon did that for about 2 weeks and it wasn't comfortable at all. 
Belly button in or out: Just in the last couple days I've noticed my belly button has started to protrude a little more! It's so interesting what happens to your body during pregnancy. It's still mainly "even" with the rest of my bump, but I do have half my belly button starting to pop out more. Do I have a prego outy in my future? ;) 
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: I'm feeling happy and overwhelmed at the same time. It's a very bittersweet feeling knowing this is the last time I'll be pregnant. I feel like this pregnancy has flown by, so it's a little sad to think how soon it'll be over. But with that comes another realization: I'll have a beautiful baby boy in my arms, and  our family will be complete. I definitely am in full nesting mode. I am trying to get the boys' rooms decorated and organized as soon as possible, while I still feel well enough to work on them. Can't wait for them to be all set up! :)

Upcoming appointments/events: My glucose test and follow up OB appt. are both scheduled for Dec. 23. Not looking forward to the glucose test AT ALL. But.... it's part of the process, so hopefully I'll be able to put mind over matter and chug that nasty drink in a few seconds flat. :P 

- My hubby is having shoulder surgery this week, on Thursday. He'll be in a sling/brace for about 4-6 weeks, and then he has to do 6 months of physical therapy. The healing time for this injury is a pretty long road, so prayers for our family are appreciated! I'll be cooking up a storm tomorrow so we have meals ready, as well as some frozen for later. It doesn't look like there will be too much "calm" before our next little bundle joins our family, so hopefully we'll be able to find quiet moments in the chaos and completion of tasks before he arrives, and enjoy these last weeks of only being a family of 3. 

Bump Picture

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