Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm Still Alive!

I feel so behind on posting lately. September was by far my busiest month this year. With traveling to southern CA for my best friends' wedding, suffering through kidney stones and multiple appointments with doctors and specialists, family visiting, Landon's birthday party, more family visiting, some other health issues related to migraines, and so on, it's been quite a busy time! However, I'm getting to the point where I'll have more time to post again. Yay for me! :) I miss it. This is such a great outlet for me.

With that said, I'm in the middle of planning our gender reveal party. It will be on Oct. 22 and I can hardly wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl! It's always so exciting, and the anticipation is so fun! Stay tuned for pictures and video next month! I'm working with some very creative and talented individuals to make this party happen, and I can't wait to share it with all of you! 

Besides that, I'm getting excited to get back in the kitchen and do some fall baking and cooking! Now that I'm not so nauseous from this pregnancy, I'm ready to get back into my groove. First on the list... SOUP! Mmmm. My recipes are lined up, and now I just need to head to the grocery store for ingredients! I'll be making some tried and true soups, as well as trying some brand new recipes. I will definitely share, so be on the look out. 

I hope you are all enjoying the changing of the season, and making exciting plans with friends and family. I love this time of year. The anticipation of a new year with new beginnings, and also the joy of celebrating with people I care about. We plan to visit some pumpkin farms, fall festivals and other local activities coming up. What are your fall plans? Don't miss out on all there is to do this time of year! I'm determined to not let the rain slow me down. And I live in Oregon... :)

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