Monday, July 22, 2013

Mommy Monday: Giving the Gift of Time

Hi Mommies, 
Sorry I didn't post last week, and am late in posting today. I was out of town visiting family in CA, and didn't have my usual dedicated 'blogging time'. We had a nice time while we were there though. I got to meet my niece Haylee for the first time. She's 3 weeks old. I'm in love! She literally sleeps all day, so I got a lot of snuggle time in while I could. :) Landon was the cutest little thing when he met her! He kept putting his cheek on her head. He was so gentle and loved watching her. We've been practicing him saying 'Haylee'. So far he can get out 'Hay'. :) 

The purpose of our visit to CA this time was so we could meet little Miss Haylee, and so I could throw my best friend her bridal shower. It was a TON of work planning it from out of state, having everything shipped to my home in OR and then driving it all to CA and setting it all up at someone else's house. But it was all worth it, because she loved everything and enjoyed herself. It was so fun for me to see everything come together, after the months of planning and visualizing it. Stay tuned for photos in September! It's another Etsy-inspired event and I can't wait to share it with you! The bride will be using some of the items from her shower at her wedding, so I won't be posting photos until after her big day. :) 
Onto this week's Mommy Monday post..... 
This week I have a challenge for all of us. It's to be a friend that consistently gives the gift of TIME. By this, I mean when you're with your friends (and family for that matter), are you really, truly 'present'? Or do you bring your cell phone and check it throughout your time with that person? Do you take time to reply to texts or other messages/notifications while you're with that person? I know from personal experience on both sides, this leads to half-listening. I've watched friends and family come to my home to spend time with me, only to be on their phone much of the time. I've also been guilty of doing this myself, and it's something I've become much more mindful of. 
I encourage you to BE with your friends, and let other things wait. Give the gift of time to those you choose to be in fellowship with. It will do wonders for your relationships, and take them even deeper. 
Now, I know some of you are probably saying to yourself, 'Well, this doesn't really apply to me because I'm a mom. I check my phone a lot because what if the person watching my kids needs to get a hold of me? What if my kids needs me?'. In this case, I completely understand. Check your phone to see if it's the caregiver, and then carry on with your conversation. For me, if it's an emergency, I will get a call, not a text. Basically, you know what items are urgent and what's not, so if you check your phone, try not to be tempted to start replying to things that aren't priority over you giving your friend your undivided attention. 
Will you join me in practicing being consistently 'present'? In this age, with technology being a huge form of communication, I know it can difficult, and a big distraction. Try to remember what you did when you didn't have a cell phone! Can you even remember!? :) I can, and honestly, I miss those days sometimes. I was outside much more frequently, participating in a lot more activities, involved in undistracted conversations, the list goes on... it's healthy to 'step aside from the phone' every now and then. Give it a try. :) 
Hope you each have a wonderful week!! 

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