Sunday, May 26, 2013

CA Visit: Wedding, Baby Shower and Sunshine

We just spent 10 days in beautiful northern California, visiting family and friends. The weather was wonderful, and we were outside a lot. Always nice to sit by the pool and soak up some sunshine, since it doesn't last too long in Oregon. I even got a little color! That's rare for my fair skin! :)

While in CA I attended a dear friend's wedding. We've know each other since 5th grade, so it was very special to watch her get married, after all the years we've known each other, and all the conversations we've had of who she might marry, and when and where, etc. I love weddings. Always a sweet reminder of the lifelong bond you create with your spouse, and the commitment you give to that person. I love to hear the exchanging of vows, particularly when the bride and groom have written them themselves.

The beautiful bride April & Me

My Love & Me 

Friends since 5th & 8th grade and still so close

I threw my sister-in-law's baby shower, and that went great. Planning and putting on a party is a LOT of work, but always so worth it. I love to throw parties and host gatherings, so I enjoyed the process and seeing the final outcome, once everything came together. The decorations all turned out better than I'd hoped, and the company was great, as I knew most of the guests. I can hardly wait to be an auntie!! My sister-in-law is having a little girl, Haylee, due at the end of June. I'm so excited for Landon to meet his cousin too. I'll be posting pictures from the baby shower in my next blog post, but here's one of the mommy-to-be and me. :)

Janell & Me

Time with family is always special, and I love catching up with my friends. We love the time to go to CA and spend quality time with loved ones, but we also love coming home to Oregon, where we have started new roots. I'm thankful I have had the opportunity to visit CA every 4 months (at least) since Landon was born. It's important to me to stay connected to the people we've known for so long, and who have been a huge part of our lives. 

We took advantage of the sunshine the remainder of our visit. Thankfully, my in-laws have a beautiful backyard, with a pool and spa. We love hanging out at their house. Always fun eating junk food, playing games and catching up. :) 

My little man enjoying the pool

I look forward to returning to CA again very soon, to throw my best friend's bridal shower in July! Yay!

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