Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Attempt at Healthier Eating

I eat relatively healthy, with a diet including lots of fruit, and some veggies. However, my husband hardly ever eats either, unless I make it for him. I'm happy to do that, but because of his current work schedule, we miss most meals together. This leaves him to either fend for himself, or eat leftovers of what I've made. However, he still manages to skip the veggies.

I have suffered from chronic headaches and migraines since childhood, trying most everything to heal myself of them. In the past, I have found eating a diet that is free of gluten makes me feel the best. I fell off the bandwagon quite a while ago though, and got back into my routine of eating regular food, while still eating fruits regularly, but not being consistent with my intake of vegetables. However, when I say 'regular food' that includes some processed foods and more sugar than I'd care to admit. Yep, sweet tooth over here... big time. So as my healthy diet disappeared, and processed foods and sugars made their appearance back into my life, so did the headaches, migraines and stomach issues. Go figure.

Fast forward to today. My husband and I both agreed we need to get back on track with taking care of our bodies and work harder to get healthier. This time, we're doing it together, which is motivating in itself! While I have no problem eating fruits and veggies, my husband would rather pass, so we tried to figure out a way for us both to still get those necessary nutrients we were skimping on. He said he'd be more likely to drink them in a smoothie form than take the time to prepare and eat them. So... enter NutriBullet. :)

We researched blenders and almost took the plunge to purchase a Vitamix. I mean, who wouldn't want that dream machine!? But... you pay a steep price for that incredible appliance. So we decided to hold off, keep our money in our wallet (well, most of it), and start with something on a smaller scale to see how committed we'd both be.We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, used the 20% off coupon they mailed us, and bought ourselves the NutriBullet for a mere $80!!! We were very happy with the cost, especially being 'blendy newbies'. :) Our next stop: good ole Costco. We practically picked up a truck load of fresh, organic produce. Thank goodness we have a huge freezer in our garage!

Since that day just one week ago, we've been making at least 2 smoothies a day, each. For breakfast we have a fruit smoothie, and for lunch or an afternoon snack we have a green drink of some kind. I'll give you two examples of what we've made and have gone back to as a regular drink so far.

Breakfast Smoothie: 1/2 cup oats, 1 banana, 3-4 strawberries, handful blueberries, large handful spinach, 2 heaping spoonfuls Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup almond milk.

Green Drink: 1 handful spinach, small handful kale, 1 orange (with as much white stuff left on as possible), 1 date, 1 wedge pineapple, small handful raw almonds, water, ice.

We have been and will continue experimenting with various recipes, but so far so good!! After one week of our new routine, I have not had a single migraine or headache. I have noticed increased energy and feel so motivated to continue eating healthy foods. After putting this stuff in my body, as opposed to processed garbage, I absolutely don't want to go back! I feel amazing.

My husband has some injuries from his past, that unfortunately cause him continued pain each day. Since he currently works the graveyard shift at work, he also constantly feels sluggish, lacks energy and his appetite completely changed. After drinking the smoothies, with most of his being green drinks, he has already told me he feels better! He's usually a skeptic when it comes to any diet 'fads' or healthy eating approaches, because let's face it.. he loves meat, pizza, beer and generally most unhealthy foods containing carbs, starch, you name it. But he says his body doesn't ache nearly as much and feels better all over. To hear him say that is a big thing. He's a believer in the green drinks and the power of fruits and veggies!

The NutriBullet was a great purchase for us. If you've wanted to get healthy and jump start your body to feel more energized and kick headaches and sluggishness, maybe this is for you! After just one week, I would be shocked if you didn't notice a positive change in the way you feel. But hey... I can only speak for us. And if you're like us, and aren't quite ready to take the plunge into purchasing one of the more expensive blenders or juicers, you may want to try something like the NutriBullet. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a great return policy, so your investment is safe.

Happy blending! ;)


  1. So great that you are doing that together! I feel so inspired!

  2. Thanks Nichole! It's going really well! We both have more energy and I've been migraine-free! That's HUGE for me. Glad you were inspired by this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Brittany! It's Niki from Ellena's Paper House on Etsy! Your little family is absolutely adorable and so is your blog! Awesome recipes you have on here and I love smoothies too. Feeling motivated to try a green smoothie now as I never have!

    1. Niki - Thanks so much for your kind words! Have you tried a green smoothie yet!? :)

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