Monday, March 4, 2013

The Lawrences Have Moved!

We're homeowners! We recently purchased a house in the area we've been living in for almost 2 years. It's in a great part of town, with lots of room to grow. The keys were handed to us on Fri. Feb. 15 and we moved all our things in over the weekend. The whole thing is a bit surreal. We owned a condo in CA, when we were newlyweds, but this is our first HOUSE! We are so glad to have found a home we can grow in and raise our family in.

It all started back in July. Taylor and I frequently go on drives during his days off. We'll grab a cup of coffee from our favorite little drive-thru coffee shop, and drive around various parts of town, looking through neighborhoods, dreaming about the future. It was on one such drive last summer, we stumbled upon an established neighborhood that had some empty lots for sale. We grabbed the flyer and read details about the future home. We loved the layout, size and price! We decided to inquire about it and see if there was a model home with the same floorplan we could walk through.

After touring the model home we were in love and completely ready to put in an offer! We didn't even feel the need or desire to walk through any other homes. Taylor and I both felt it fit our needs, and met the standards we were looking for in a home of our own.

We placed an offer, and after much paperwork, details, meetings, delays, tears, stress and dedication... 7 months later, we are the new owners of a beautiful 2 story home in Albany, OR. We are so happy to be done with the draining process of building a new home. It was all worth it, because now we are in for the long haul, and we can truly see ourselves in this home for many years to come.

Because it was a new construction home, we had the opportunity to select our upgrades, and personalize the interior and exterior of the home, based on custom options Hayden Homes gave us. It's nice to look at our house and know we got to choose so much of the design, together. Now comes the best part.... decorating! Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, I have ideas and project concepts galore! I can hardly wait to start decorating and making our home reflect our personalities and interests.

Now that we've been living in the house for the last 2 weeks, we feel so relieved to be in OUR home, and settled. Only a few more boxes to go through and we're officially unpacked! They're currently tucked away in a closet. I needed a short break after the craziness we went through to get into this house on time! The rest of the house is completely organized and I'm so excited to finish furnishing the the rooms and start the decorating process! It will take time (and money) to get those done how I want them, so I keep reminding myself it will happen, and take it one day at a time. :)

One of our first priorities was ordering blinds. Wowza! They're expensive! :/ Something you don't really think about until you buy your own home. At least, we didn't. We can hardly wait to get them installed though. A little privacy will be nice.

I'm really enjoying having more counter space and a pantry! I've been cooking up some new recipes, so I'll be posting a few to the blog soon.

It's refreshing to look around and know this is a home we worked hard for, prayed for and are thrilled to build memories in. We hope many people will be blessed when they walk in our doors and spend time with us through the years. I can't wait to do more entertaining and have regular get-togethers. And now we have space for multiple visitors, so we hope to see a few of our friends and family more often! Hint hint ;)

Our New Home ♥

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