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Maui Vacation - December 2012

In December we took our first vacation in just over three years. We had been anticipating this trip for a while, and as most vacations do, it went by way too fast! Taylor and I went to Oahu on our honeymoon, but this was our first time in Maui. We loved it! Definitely hope to go again in the future.

View from our condo

My mom accompanied us on the trip as well. It was nice to spend time away as a family, and my mom was nice enough to hang out with Landon several times so we could enjoy some couple time. Not that she doesn't already love spending time with her favorite (and only) grandson. :)

Our first full day there was a bit gloomy and windy, so we decided to get settled, stock up on food for the week (we had a full kitchen in our unit) and find an indoor activity to do. We went to the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium. Landon loved seeing the sea life, and mastered his 'fishy face', as we call it.

Checking out the sharks

He loved watching the octupus

We had a nice dinner at Cafe O Lei. We're not huge seafood fans, but we were feeling adventurous, so we ordered sushi, calamari and snapper. It was okay, but the snapper hardly tasted like anything (except I loved the fruit salsa they brought to enhance the flavor), and the calamari was way too rubbery for my taste. Taylor didn't like the sushi because it was a little too much raw fish for his liking. And the fish eggs looked nasty!

Taylor rented a surfboard and tried to catch some good waves, but unfortunately, it wasn't going too well. He got up a few times, but the waves were measly, so he didn't get quite the experience he was hoping for (fine by me, because I was nervous about him going to a surfers beach and getting thrashed!).

I didn't catch a pic of him standing up - oops!

I tried to surf, but failed. Badly. You don't get to see the after picture, lol. 

We went to another beach to relax and let Landon play in the water, but he wasn't into it like I thought he would be. He absolutely loves bathtime at home, but the ocean and sand was a little overwhelming for him. He was just fine sitting on our towels. Once put him on the sand he immediately reached up for me and curled his toes (and not in the way most of us want to curl our toes in the warm sand). Oh well... maybe when he's a little older. Taylor did manage to get him out in waist-high water and he started splashing in it. As long as Daddy was keeping him safe he seemed to be fine with touching the water.

Not exactly thrilled about having sand on his hands, lol

Would not take his eyes of the water. Not wanting to be put down at all. 

Finally enjoying the water more & splashing with Daddy

Our big excursion was a 5 hour yacht tour to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. My mom watched Landon at our condo, and Taylor and I had the day to go off and do a fun activity. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun! They fed us breakfast and lunch on the boat, and on our way to the crater we spotted several whales. It was amazing! One jumped out of the water, and of course Taylor and half the other people saw it, but what I was I doing? Getting the camera.... so I missed it jumping out of the water. Lesson learned! Never take your eyes off the water when you're whale watching. :/ I saw two dolphins on our trip as well, but unfortunately, just their fins. I was really hoping to see some jumping or swimming near us. Shucks! We saw several sea turtles while we were snorkeling as well. They were so big! I wish we had an underwater camera to capture some of the beautiful fish we saw. Such a fun day.

Ready for some whale watching and snorkeling! 

Molokini Crater

Almost ready to snorkel! 

We walked up and down Front St. in Lahaina. I had a blast doing that. Lots of unique little shops and good places to eat. Live music, an art show, shopping, gelato and the water just yards away... great spot. The Banyan Tree is right in that area as well, so we walked under that for a while. It was so cool! 

View of Front St. 

On Sunday we went to a church service, beachside. It was a great experience being able to go to church while on vacation, sit outside and worship and listen to a sermon, with breathtaking views of the ocean. While the pastor was preaching, there were 2-3 sea turtles in the water behind him. Yes, it was a bit distracting, but we couldn't help looking at them! :)

Calvary Chapel Westside Service

For breakfast one morning, we went to The Gazebo. We received multiple recommendations from friends and family to check it out while we were in Maui. People said they have the most incredible pancakes they've ever had, so we decided to see for ourselves. Well...... it was good, but not amazing like we anticipated. My mom got french toast, Taylor got banana pancakes and I got the buttermilk pancakes. They were definitely good, and the portions were huge, but I think I'd set my hopes too high based off what people told us. Now, after we ate there, people said we were supposed to try the macadamia pancakes with their special coconut syrup. NOW they tell us!? Lol. I'd still go back and try them next time we're in Maui!

Taylor and I rented snorkel gear and went back to the beach we went to for church on Sunday, because we wanted to see if we could spot more turtles. Sure enough, we found several. We swam right next to one for quite a while, and even touched it. He didn't seem to mind too much, but we didn't want to bug him, so we were careful. I also saw a sting ray, which freaked me out. I like seeing them and touching them when they're in an aquarium, but swimming with them in the ocean... no thanks. I kept my distance. While I was lounging on the sand, Taylor went back out snorkeling and found 8 sea turtles in one spot! And yes, I was bummed I didn't go back out with him. We went back to that same beach one more time before our vacation was over and found 7 more sea turtles to swim with. It was just the greateast experience. Definitely remembering that beach for future trips to Maui.

Taylor and I had one date night together, where we went to a really nice dinner at the Napili Kai Resort: Sea House Restaurant. We had coconut shrimp for an appetizer, lobster tail and filet mignon for our entrees and a chocolate lava cake for dessert. It was delicious, and the view was breathtaking.

  We had a great time away, and look forward to future trips to Hawaii. 

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  1. Looks like a great trip! We leave for Maui - and Lahaina - on the 22nd!