Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giving Thanks (for my mom)

I have been blessed with a mother who is not only an amazing mom, but my best friend as well. We have been close my whole life, and I am so glad she's such a huge part of my life. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet or get to know my mom, let me spend a moment sharing about her.

She is the most selfless, kind-hearted, nurturing, compassionate, caring person I have ever known. Time and time again I watch her put others before herself, and never once have I ever seen her ask for or expect anything in return. If you spend any time with her, you will be encouraged and feel taken care of. I don't just feel this way because I'm her daughter. As an adult, with my own child now, I see her as an individual too, and she is simply amazing.

I watched my mom go from being a loving wife, to a full-time, devoted caretaker, in a very short amount of time. When my dad became ill, she somehow mustered up the ability to keep her head lifted high, be strong for my family, care for my dad in ways many people will never be able to even understand. Her loyalty to my dad, and the love she gave him and had for him is one of the most incredible things I will ever have had the honor of witnessing. I am still in awe of how she handled herself through that heartbreaking time.

My mom takes interest in the lives of those around her, gives generously, always offers a helping hand and makes me feel so good. She encourages me as a new mom and has supported me in countless ways. She has a very unique bond with my son, and I love seeing them together. She is "Super Nana"!

I think she's pretty great. :) And I'm honestly so blessed to be her daughter.

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