Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving Thanks (for my town)

I'm thankful for where we live. I love the college town vibe, with the excitement and participation in college football, community events and festivals, concerts in the park, supporting local merchants by shopping at downtown boutiques and mom/pop locations, Farmer's Market, the list goes on...

Truth be told, when we first moved here, I wasn't so sure about it. This area is so different than what I was used to. We moved from a town that had a huge mall, endless options for shopping, eating out, etc. Everything was clean and new and nice. When we got here, I have to admit, I thought things looked old, hardly anywhere I'd want to shop and not as many places to 'hang out'. But as I got to know my new town, and took the time to see the unique character and get to know my surroundings, I have a deep appreciate for my new home. There is so much character and charm around, and lots of things to do! I just had to change my mindset a bit, and it has been so refreshing! 

Taylor and I enjoy getting a coffee on his days off, and either going for a drive and looking at new places, or taking Landon for a walk in downtown, eating out or hanging out with friends. I definitely feel more relaxed and comfortable here than I did in CA; it's been a great change for me. 

I love having friends and family visit, more so now that we know the area more and can show them things we like to do and places we like to go. There is still a lot we haven't done, and areas we haven't been to yet, so I'm excited for the time we have to explore! 

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