Friday, August 3, 2012

Visit from Family & Day Trip to Newport, OR

We enjoyed a visit from my in-laws last weekend. We took a day trip to Newport, OR and couldn't have asked for better weather! Our first stop was in the Historic Bayfront area. I love walking on the pier and looking out at the marina. It's serene to stop and look out at the water, just taking in the scenery and being calm for a few minutes. Since we went on a Saturday, it was quite crowded, so before getting onto the busy sidewalks near the shops, we walked on the pier and stopped for lunch first. 

We love eating at The Coffee House. Such a great little spot. They're only open for breakfast and lunch. You can pop in for a pastry and Cup-a-Joe, or sit and stay a while, order a full meal and look out at the nice view. Their portion sizes are very generous, so we split two plates among the 4 of us (and Lil Man had his own yummy lunch of mango and cottage cheese). :) They make their own bread, and oh my is it good! I tend to get the same thing each time we go (chicken avocado club). My husband's go-to is the Reuben sandwich.

I love their fun menu

Wasn't exaggerating about the portion sizes! 

Inside and outside seating

After lunch, we decided to join the crowd of people walking the sidewalks, window shopping, people-watching, etc. This area of Newport has some interesting stops to make. They have a Ripley's Believe it or Not and Wax Museum, crab fishing off the pier, sweets shops, restaurants and stores with candles, souvenirs, gadgets and gizmos, you name it. You can stop to watch (and hear) the sea lions below the pier as well.  

There are operating fish docks along the waterfront, so you can't really get away from the "fishy" smell, but what do you expect right? That just means the seafood is fresh from the water and some of the best in the area. For a snack, we had popcorn shrimp with potato wedges and the best sauce (some sort of thousand island dip I think). Mmmm it was tasty! 

After we got our fill on that side of town, we headed toward Nye Beach. This part of Newport is more upscale. Such a neat coastal town. Boutique shopping at it's finest. We didn't have time to go in the shops this trip, but I've been in them on prior visits. A bit spendy, so better I steer clear of those shops anyway! 

We brought a large blanket so we could all lounge on the beach for a while, before heading home. Since the weather was so nice, Taylor and I decided to take Landon to the water and let him feel the sand on his toes, and feel the ocean water...

Here comes the water Landon! 

Yeah... not the best idea. The water came way faster than I was expecting and not only did that scare him, but the water was freezing cold. Needless to say... he was not very happy with me. But... he got over it pretty quickly. Guess we need to bring him back when he can splash around in it and also when it's not THAT cold. :) 

All in all, we had a wonderful day as a family, and Landon got to see a new place and sit on the sand for a bit. Newport is only about an hour and 15 min. drive from our house, so it will be a place we return to throughout the year. 

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