Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Dad

I wrote the following a few weeks before my dad passed away. I never got to read it to him. I wanted to write down sweet memories I had of him, so they would be fresh in my mind. The last thing my dad said to me was about 4 days before he died - just before he couldn't speak anymore. After I gave him a kiss on the cheek he said, "I love my Monkey". I am so grateful he was able to look me in the eye and know who I was, and say "I love you" one more time. I'd give anything to hear his voice again, or have him hold me in his arms. Until I see him again one day, I have amazing memories of my sweet father. And for that, I have much to be thankful for. 


You taught me to love, because you loved me.
You taught me to pray, because you prayed with me.
You shared Jesus with me, because you had him in your heart.
You made me feel beautiful, because you saw what was on the inside and made me see that’s what’s important.
You taught me to respect others, have integrity and represent myself in an honorable way.
I learned these things through watching you.

You taught me to sing, because you loved to and were great at it.
You taught me to feel confident speaking in front of people, because you said it was an important quality to master, and you were so good at it.
You told me to guard my heart, because I was your little girl and you didn’t want me to get taken advantage of.
You asked me to save myself for my husband, because you said it was the best gift I could ever give him, and I did.
You shared your passion for travel with me, by taking me on trips so I could see the world and understand cultures outside my own.

You taught me to dance by dancing with me at every wedding. I’ll never forget dancing with you at my own wedding.
We both inherited the love of sweets, but love chocolate the most.
You took me to the donut store every Saturday morning; it was our thing.
You taught me how to wash a car and check my oil.
You let me paint your toes, put makeup on you and put barrettes in your hair. Not many dads would gladly let their daughters do that.
You taught me to make homemade ice cream, and to this day, it’s still the best I’ve ever had.
You encouraged me when I drew silly pictures, or wrote cheesy poems.
You saved all my notes and cards and re-read them often because they meant so much to you.

Your idea of dinner was popcorn and a glass of chocolate milk.
You reminded me to represent myself well by saying, “Remember, you’re a Fallbeck”.
You prepared me for the working world by letting me work in your printing business, and teaching me new things.

You always had a smile, for everyone.

Every morning, I’d get up for school and see you at the kitchen table eating oatmeal and reading your Bible. You inspired me to spend time with God daily.

One of my fondest memories is waking up almost every morning to a handwritten note from you saying things like “Hope you have a great day, Monkey!”, or “I’m so proud to be your Daddy”. One of my biggest regrets is not keeping every single one of them.

You showed me what I should look for in a husband, by modeling what a godly man is, and by loving Mom with your whole heart, and telling anyone who would listen. I’ve never met a man who was more complimentary of his wife in public and in private, and who outwardly beamed with pride that he was walking alongside the woman of his dreams. To watch your marriage get stronger each year, and see you love Mom so passionately, has been a huge blessing in my life.

Thank you for modeling so many things for me. I’ve seen you, I’ve heard you and I’ve learned from you. My dad, my friend, my role model my hero. What a legacy you leave behind.

I love you t-h-i-s much,


  1. Incredibly beautiful. What greater gift could a dad give his daughter than all these things? He was an incredible father and husband, and you get to be a better mom to Landon and wife to Taylor because of his example. Your dad's life was beautiful, and he loved you so very much, I love you britt.

  2. Wonderfully written Brittany...
    love and prayers keep coming your way.

  3. This is so beautiful Britt. I'm picturing him reading it in Heaven right now smiling down at you with his proud papa smile. I love you so much Britts.

  4. This is beautiful Britt. You're Dad was an amazing man and I'm so honored in this life to have known him, and to have his daughter who represents him so closely as my best friend. Jim is certainly in Heaven just beaming and I'm sure bragging to everyone of what an amazing wife, kids, friends and other family he has. What a beautiful letter you've written to him. I'm sure in his heart he knew all of these things. Love you lots!!