Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visit to CA (Feb.4-11)

I recently took Landon to visit family and friends in CA for one week. We had a great time! It was his first time on an airplane, and he did great! I wore him in my Moby wrap through the airport, and he loved watching all the people. He was such a good boy on the plane. My parents joined me, so they could visit their friends as well, so it was nice to have their company on the flight. My mom got him some new, fun toys to keep him distracted on the flight. Here's a picture of Landon with his Nana. :)

Now that we don't live in CA anymore, I have to balance seeing family and friends, and I try my best to see as many people as possible. However, it can be difficult because then I don't necessarily get that quality, one on one time I love so much. I'm still getting used to being the one to travel and see people, and unfortunately, it can seem like I'm "cramming" in as many visits as possible. Through time I know it'll get easier (or will it?). 

I met up with some friends I went to college with. They loved meeting Landon. So fun to have people I care about finally have the chance to meet him in person! He's growing so quickly, by the time some of these people see him again he'll probably be walking! Ok ok... maybe getting a little ahead of myself...

Lunch with Mary, Katie and Alyssa

Landon meeting his new friends Cody & Rylie 

 Landon's first ride on the carousel 

 Getting Uncle Ryan's attention

 And giving him kisses :) 

 Landon and Auntie Mel

Skype date with Daddy 

Landon and his Great-Grandma Terri 

I stayed with my in-laws, and enjoyed watching them soak up time with Landon. They are awesome grandparents! We watched the Super Bowl, went out to eat (I miss In-N-Out Burger already), went to the mall and various other outings. Had a great time! 

 Landon visiting Grandma at work
Landon watching the game with Grandpa
Landon with his cousin Alicia and Auntie Janell 

My dear friend Melissa has a sweet 10 month old, Abigail. It's official.... Landon got his first kiss! Yep, that's my boy. :) She was giving him "loves" as her mommy calls it. She was definitely showing him the love. It was too cute.

 Aww ♥

 All dressed up to visit mommy's old co-workers 

Whenever I go to Roseville, I always make time for my dear friends from high school. Actually, two of them I met in elementary school and the other two in 8th grade. I love that we've all stayed so close. It's so fun watching the life changes in each of our lives. One is about to be engaged, the rest of us are married, two of us have kids and as you can tell... one has a little bundle on the way! So fun. 

The night before I left, my family and I went to see my cousins and their kids, as well as have a big dinner with a group of long-time family friends. It was their first time meeting Landon, and it was very special. Below is a picture of my brother, parents, Landon and me.  Love them!

All in all, it was a wonderful visit, and I did a lot in just a week's time. I'm so thankful for all the people in my life. I'm so glad I have so much support around me, whether I'm in Roseville or not. Looking forward to the next time I can visit!!!

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