Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas Indeed!

My Christmas present this year from Hubby is one for the record books for sure! When it was time for my mom and me to open our Christmas presents, we were handed envelopes. The writing said "to receive your present, you must be at home on Dec. 27 at 11:00am. You will then be given further instructions on how to receive your gift. You will have to leave something behind in order to claim your gift.".

Now, I already knew I had to leave the most precious thing behind, which is my son. He's almost 4 months old and I've only left him 2 other times (for less than 3 hours!). What can I say? I'm attached! My husband had warned me a week before Christmas that I needed to pump enough breast milk for 2 full feedings. This alone gave me anxiety because he wouldn't tell me how long I'd be away from the baby, who would be watching him or what I was doing. For those of you who know me well, you know it makes me highly uncomfortable to not be "in control" of a situation, lol. I had to just trust he had something good up his sleeve.

Dec. 27 came and my mom and I met at my house. My brother is visiting from CA and was in on the gift with my husband. They made us hand over our cell phones (another anxiety booster. What!? Now I have no way of checking in on the baby and seeing how he's doing? Are you crazy!?). I relented and handed it over. Mom too. They handed us an envelope and said to open it when we got in the car. I kissed the boys and off we went!

We opened the envelope and it contained a map with 2 addresses marked. Silly husband... doesn't he know I'm worthless when it comes to map-reading? And... I normally use my cell phone for directions. Good thing I had my GPS stashed in my car or we would have gotten lost or been late most likely.

We arrived at our first destination in downtown Corvallis. It was a lunch spot called Laughing Planet Cafe. When we walked up to the counter the guy called us by name. I know it's silly, but I felt so special! He was expecting us and told us to order whatever we wanted off the menu and that it was "taken care of". I could get used to that treatment! :)

The menu items are all natural, unprocessed foods, and they use as many sustainable products as possible. They even have a gluten-free menu. I no longer eat gluten-free, but it's nice to know they accommodate people who do. I chose the Grilled Chicken Burrito. It had natural chicken, organic brown rice, Tillamook cheese, pinto beans, pico de gallo and I added sour cream and guacamole. It was very tasty! I could only eat half of it before I was good and full! Mom went with the Soylent Green meal. Here's a link to their menu: It was nice to just relax and chat with my mom. We sat in a window seat, watched passerby enjoying the beautiful weather and soaked up the afternoon meant "just for us". How nice!

We were told to be at our 2nd destination by 1:00pm. It was on the same street, a few blocks away. As soon as we parked and saw the building, my heart skipped a beat. I instantly knew what we were doing. Massages! I hadn't had a massage since my 6th month of pregnancy, and boy was I craving one! We walked inside Epic Day Spa and took it all in.

What a beautiful interior! It was extremely spacious, and the decor was very inviting. As soon as we walked up, the gal looked up our names and checked us in for 1 hour massages. She gave us a tour and got us situated in the locker room. We had about 45 min. until our massage appts. so we got to sit in the steam room and start the relaxation process. It felt amazing. I could just feel my pores opening up, and it felt so cleansing. They had rain showers in the locker room as well, which we didn't get to enjoy this time around, but I intend to go back and try them out next time! The steam room/rain shower experience is called "Sanctuary". After you're done with that, you walk upstairs to enjoy some lounging before your appt. The lounge area was gorgeous. They offered refreshments, consisting of lemon water, hot tea, mixed nuts, dried fruit, oranges, etc. In the center of the room they had a beautiful stone fountain. The sound of the water was so peaceful and the smells coming from the essential oils was intoxicating. We were led by our massage therapists into a room where we got to enjoy an hour-long "couples" massage. It was delightful. I felt my muscles giving in to the pressure of the therapists hands, and just let all my tension go.

We were surprised to find out we got to have manicures and pedicures next! I couldn't believe how much effort my brother and husband had gone to in order to give this day to us. My mom and I were ecstatic. A whole day of just being pampered!? I was in heaven. In our robes and slippers, we made our way to our nail appts. It was so nice to not be rushed. We literally were the only ones at each station we went to. I tried the OPI crackle nail polish on my hands and toes. It's a fun change, but something I'd probably just do around Halloween or New Year's.

It was so quiet and peaceful. Mom and I had a wonderful time.

I walked in my house feeling like a new woman. And the best part... I came home to my wonderful husband and a very smiley baby. Who wouldn't want to be greeted like that? :) I was glad to know my sweet baby had done so well with his daddy watching him for the first time. I think another mommy day out is in my future!

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