Friday, November 11, 2011

Let the Holiday Crafting Begin!

Last year around this time, I got together with some girlfriends and had a craft day. We'd never had one before, but it was an absolute blast! We'd seen a book page wreath on a blog post somewhere, and decided to have a go at making our own. They turned out great! All of them were different, which made it more interesting and unique. Below, I've attempted to type out instructions so you can make your own. They make great decorations during the holidays, and also make great gifts! 

If you'd like a tutorial, or if my directions aren't very easy to follow, send me an e-mail and I'll try to send you something more in-depth. At the time, I didn't know I was going to start a blog, so I didn't take pictures of the "creating" process. Now I wish I had! :) 

Instructions for making a holiday book page wreath:

1. Begin by purchasing a styrofoam circle. I got all my materials from Michael's, but any craft store should work. I decided to use the whole piece of styrofoam, but if you want to hang an ornament in the middle, you may wish to purchase a piece of styrofoam with the middle already cut out, or you could cut out the center yourself. The easiest way to do that would be to trace a cup or bowl with the size you want to cut out, and use an exacto knife to to remove the center piece. 

2. For the book pages, I went to Good Will and bought a $.50 book I was ok with destroying. You'll need to tear the pages out from the book. You don't have to have them perfectly torn out, since you'll be rolling the pages. Depending on what style wreath you want to make, you can choose from book pages, colored pieces of paper, sheet music or any other paper product you choose. 

3. To begin, roll one book page fairly loosely, place some hot glue on the bottom and stick it on the outer edge of the styrofoam circle (which I will refer to as a "wreath"). Glue the base of the book page about 1 inch from the edge of the wreath. You will do this all the way around the wreath, to create your border. I purchased glue sticks specifically made to use on foam. 

4. Then, flip the wreath over and hot glue the sides of the wreath, one page at a time, as you cover the sides of the wreath with every book page you just glued on. This means the side you started on is now the back of your wreath. From now on, you will be working on the front of the wreath. You are covering the sides of the wreath in order to not have foam show from the side view. 

5. Then begin rolling single book pages, one after the other, and glue them to the wreath in no particular order. When you roll each page, fold a small tab at the bottom to put the hot glue on, and then stick it onto the wreath. They will stick straight up. You can create a different look by rolling them differently. For example, you can roll them from the bottom of the page to the top loosely, you can roll one side of the page half way and then the other side halfway then fold in half, you can toll it diagonally, like an accordion, etc. Be creative!  Do what you think looks best. There's no right or wrong way to do it. I promise it will all come together and look nice when you see the final product. You can fill the "holes" later once you've glued all the pages on the wreath you'd like, to make it look as full as possible. Turn it on its side, and you will see light come through the areas where you may want to add another page. 

Have fun with picking out materials. I went to Michael's Craft Store for my materials, with the exception of the sheet music I used on my sheet music wreath. A friend had it on hand and gave it to me! The wreaths with beads make great gifts for the holidays, but I also kept one for my own home. The beads came on a branch-type piece, and I cut them separately so I could glue them in various places all over the wreath. This project can be time-consuming, but it's fun and inexpensive. The materials I used totaled $15. 

Happy Crafting! :) 

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