Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye CA, Hello OR

     Newport Beach, OR - little getaway before Baby arrived! 

My husband and I moved to the Corvallis, OR area in March of this year. We have loved living here so far. Lots of things to do, places to go, stretches of the coast to visit, etc. We have enjoyed getting outside more and participating in Oregonian activities. :) However,  we have not lived here through a winter yet.... so this will be interesting. Having been born and raised in CA, I haven't ever been a huge fan of rainy weather. I love the sunshine and being able to run around and get my errands done without getting soaking wet in the process. So... it will be interesting to see if my new found love and appreciation for OR is still as strong once I know what it's like to get through winter here. Ask me in May. At least that's when I hear the rainy season ends.

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University. Go Beavers! (Don't let my little cheer fool you. I don't know anything about football. But we have to represent now!). :) It's a lovely college town. Downtown is lined with shops and boutiques, and there are restaurants to satisfy every palate preference one may have. There is a park area near the waterfront, where we've been known to enjoy a bowl of gelato in the summer months. The Willamette River runs through and it's so serene to look at.

Corvallis does not have many chains, as they like to stay unique in their small-town vibe. Locally owned restaurants and breweries are featured, as well as local musicians and artists. One can't really ever get bored with the endless amount of activities to participate in. My only complaint would be the shops closing too early in the evening. During the amazing summer weather, it's fun to stroll the streets of downtown with friends, but that's exactly what you do. Stroll and window shop. And repeat.

My husband and I have been spending time on our weekends driving through the residential areas of Corvallis. The view is breathtaking, especially during this time of year. You wouldn't believe the view some of the homes have. The trees are bright with color right now, and the mountain ranges can be seen from miles away, on clear days. It's amazing to look at. We enjoy driving through the wealthier parts of town, gawking at the mansion-sized homes and guessing what they do for a living. :) We also pull the real estate forms from homes for sale and try to guess what they're going for. I know... we must sound lame... but it's fun! We have a 5 year plan of owning a home again, and so we like putting together ideas of what we want and will be looking for in the future.

Living here is very different than where we came from (Sacramento, CA area). It took some getting used to, but so far we're very happy here. The focus seems to be more on relationships and enjoying your surroundings, rather than what you do for a living, or all the material possessions you own. It's refreshing to be in a more relaxed place. Helps me put my priorities in place and re-evaluate what's important to me in life.

As we visit more places, I will try to remember to take some pictures and share what we're doing.

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