Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Long Time Coming

Well, truth be told... I've started a blog and stopped, a couple times. But this time I really want to keep one! :) I'm finally in a place where I'm able to take the time to make updates, share things and hopefully keep you interested! I make no promises on how frequently I'll post, but I plan to make this a fun blog. I want to share what's going on in our lives, mainly for those of you who know us personally, and I want to post things I find interesting. For example, I'm obsessed with Pinterest, and will be sharing things I make from that website and others. I've been busting out my baking skills, attempted cooking skills, getting my craft on and "such". :) I'll be posting things I make from there, as well as any other random posts, ramblings, ideas, doings, etc. Hope you enjoy having a little window into my life. ♥

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